Sports Wear


Whether you just want a name or a number on a sports top, to having your team badge or a sponsors logo and a number, we can accommodate you here at Printigo. We can produce your clubs logo in embroidery or vinyl and we work hard to get everything to your exact specifications.
In our catalogue we have some sports gear but we do offer the option for you to bring in your own kit or tops and we can print on them for you.

Here as some images of our sportswear

Special Sports Vinyl

We also have some special stretch vinyl which allows extra movement in the print once it is upon the garment. These vinyls do come in a limited colour range, shown below.

test colour samples

Special Reflective Vinyl

Reflective vinylWith this vinyl you will be seen by cars and other vehicles at night when you are out. With the dark winters this is a great way to be seen. We can cut the vinyl into the shape that you would like, for example your running club logo or your name. As long as it is nice and bold, so that it will catch a lot of light, it is a great way to stay safe at night,but with also keeping some style.

Fore more information on this product please get in contact with our staff who will be happy to assist you. The contact number is 0121 459 2708.


Sports emblems

We have made and produced some sports emblems for some local Bournville FC clubs, such as Lourdes Celtic and Bournville Warriors. We have also produced a lot of golf and fishing logos and other sporting designs, so feel free to call us and we will be happy to help you with your enquiry.

Here as some images of our sportswear