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Whether you are a small or a large company it is always best to have a professional, corporate look. This can be achieved by good branding and consistency throughout the merchandise and company literature provided to the client. We help to provide the consistency by designing or adapting an existing design to work across all aspects of printing media, from the stationary to the garments through to the flyers. This can help to cement your corporate look and move you forward as a company.

Business Cards

When you are talking to potential customers and want to give them a business card you want it to look the part. Here at Printigo we only use the best quality 400gsm matt laminated cards, double sided, full colour as standard. We will even help you get the artwork ready for print. If you already have the artwork, that is great, we would have to check it to make sure it is in the correct format and that all of the fonts are embedded in the file. If you are supplying your own artwork then there are some guidelines that we ask you to follow to ensure that the artwork is not rejected from print and that it prints exactly how you want it to.
Click here for our Artwork Guidelines


We do a diverse range of flyers for you to choose from. We start with a 130gsm weight and move up to a 300gsm weight. There are just two different thicknesses but it can be good to choose the correct one for your flyer, to give the right impression to the customer.
All of the flyers are double sided, full colour and our in-house designers will produce the designs for you if you require them. All we ask is that you bring all of the information that you would like on the flyer and any ideas that you have had about it, so that the designers know everything that you are looking for and they can work to the exact idea that you had in mind.
Check out our guide pricelist for you to get an idea of quantity and prices that we produce.

Check out our guide pricelist for you to get an idea of quantity and prices that we produce. Just click on our link below.


We have a team of designers who will work on your flyers and leaflets to get it to the standard that you require. After an initial discussion the designers will go away and produce you a mock up to see if it meets your specific requirements and then proceed to make small alterations to the design if necessary. Once you are happy with the design we can get them printed for you within 1 week.
For more information please contact us as we are happy to answer any queries you may have.