Artwork Guidelines

Garment Printing


For photographs to be printed onto a garment we would recommend that the quality would be a minimum of 300dpi. This will give a crisp image and look very good when printed upon the garment. If it is lower than 300dpi we are still able to print the image but we do say that it will turn out how it looks, so if there is pixilation on it then that will be printed on the garment. If we have to make the image bigger then we would definitely advise a different image if possible.
If you have an image that you would really like on a garment but you are unsure then pop into the shop or send us an email with the image attached and we will have a look and advise you on the next step.


If you have a design in a vector based program, we ask if you can convert everything to outlines, curves, dependant on the software and/or attach the font files that you have used. If you then save them as a PDF or EPS we can open than and look at them. If you are unsure send it us as one of the file formats and we will advise you from there if anything needs to be corrected.
If you are using a non-vector based program like Photoshop then please save the design as a high quality PDF for us to view. If you need further assistance our staff are happy to help.

Paper Printing

When producing artwork for print we recommend that you use a 3mm bleed and 3mm quiet border all of the way around. All of the artwork must be in CMYK and images have to have been converted to CMYK. Once that is done it needs to be saved as a PDF X-1a:2001.
For more information please view the booklet below on the artwork guidelines.

Artwork Guidelines for garment printing and paper printing.

For more information please call our staff on 0121 459 2708 or email us at