Vinyl/Flex & Flock Printing

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Vinyl/Flex printing is a very durable way to print your design or logo onto a garment. It comes in block colours and is then cut into the shape that is required. Our team of designers are able to take your logo and put it into the correct format for this process. This durable material allows us to print onto a vast array of garments and materials. The vibrancy and durability of the colours will set you apart from any other style of printing.

Examples of vinyl designed t-shirts

How it works

For unique designs, custom ones that you would like as a one off or as a present for someone, then this is the way to go. Text, designs, messages are all possible in this media and with an array of fonts to choose from you can be the envy of all your friends.

The best way to create the design is to consider what colour top you would like and then use that colour as the second colour within the design. This will create an effective design with the minimum of cost.  If you are struggling with the design or idea, talk to our team and they will be able to work their magic for you to create an amazing design.

Alternatively, if you would like to be wild and a bit crazy then we can help there as well. We can use multiple colours which get placed on individually; this allows us to alternate colours dependent upon the colour of the garment and to build up a more complex image. This also provides you with an unique product that can cater for all of your unique requirement.

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Photographs of vinyl prints by printigo


The way that the pricing works is there is a fixed price for a one colour print on one side. There then is an additional charge of £3 for a second colour or a print on the opposite side. The best way to get an accurate quote is to send us the design or to speak with our team who can guide you in the right direction.

For more information, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us on 0121 459 2708 or email us at

Link to view the vinyl printing colours

Reflective vinyl

Reflective Vinyl


With this vinyl you will be seen by cars and other vehicles at night when you are out. With the dark winters this is a great way to be seen. We can cut the vinyl into the shape that you would like, for example your running club logo or your name. As long as it is nice and bold, so that it will catch a lot of light, it is a great way to stay safe at night,but with also keeping some style.

Fore more information on this product please get in contact with our staff who will be happy to assist you. The contact number is 0121 459 2708.



Flock Printing

For a beautiful finish

This is a very similar printing method to vinyl printing. The flock has a velvety feel and is slightly raised off the surface of the garment. This is a way of adding some extra quality to the item and making your product extremely unique and personal to you.

This printing works best as one or two colours, solid block colours, which allows the extra quality to show through with the print. This works best on large prints, and adds an extra level of quality to your print.

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Click here to see the flock colours