Direct To Garment

We are now proud to offer a direct to garment service. This printing method does exactly as the name suggests, it prints directly onto the garment.

The specially designed ink sprays straight onto the top leaving a finish you can’t even feel, it is so soft.

Some of the t-shirts we have printed using DTG

It is great for the smaller runs that screen printing wouldn’t want to do and it also abolishes the need for screens to be made. You can therefore have a full colour image printed onto your garment whether it is a small run of 10+ item or a large run of 50, 100+ items.

A few images of a design which is hand drawn and then dtg printed onto a t-shirt

With DTG you are only able to print onto 100% cotton garments. This is because the inks contain a fusing agent which when heat pressed fuses the inks permanently to the garment fibres. This allows us to produce an extremely high quality and durable print onto a garment which you wont even be able to feel.