Digital Vinyl Transfer

Quality Full Colour Prints

With this printing method we are able to place one of your images onto a t-shirt. We can do this by scanning an old photograph into our software or by you supplying an image that you already have in a digital format. We recommend that for the best quality print you supply us with the digital file from your digital camera. This ensures that we can produce your image to the highest possible standard.

These are photographs of jobs that we have produced

As shown above, we can also add text to your image. The text can be on the same side as the image or it can go on the back of the garment, the design is entirely up to you. You are able to have the image on the front or on the back or both with different text on either side, let your imagination run wild.

Corporate logos

If you are a company who have a full colour logo which needs printing onto your workwear, we are here to help. We can advise the best way of printing your garments and whether you need to use a combination of digital vinyl transfer and vinyl / flex printing or just one of these methods our team are here to help.


To add text we normally use vinyl. For more information on vinyl please click here. The reason for this is that it allows you to get vibrant coloured text to match the image you have chosen. There are a lot of different styles of font (writing styles) that you are able to choose from. We have provided a small sample on the fonts page, click here to view, but if there isn’t anything that you can see or like then please pop into the shop to view our more extensive range and if there is still nothing that catches your eye, have a chat with our team. They are self-confessed font geeks and will be happy to try and find a font that you will like.